About Us

TIERRA DESIGN is an organization that trains artisans in the production of handmade ceramic pieces made from local natural clay in the region of the islets of Granada, Nicaragua.

Our goal is to train and sensitize local artisans on export quality standards, so that they can live with a decent income.

After a year and a half of research and development, 100% financed by our founder, a French entrepreneur with 40 years of business experience and with the collaboration of the two best artisans in the country, we are producing BIOFILTRO with export standards.

BIOFILTRO is the first creation of TIERRA DESIGN and we are currently developing other ceramic lines.

The TIERRA DESIGN and BIOFILTRO brands are registered and we have patented the BIOFILTRO.

The islets of Grenada have been a center of pottery production by indigenous peoples, and with TIERRA DESIGN we hope to revive this tradition.