Functions of the BIOFILTRO

How the Filtration Works?

Gravity allows contaminated water to pass through the clay via microscopic canals of activated natural carbon. As a result of this ultrafine filtration, pathogens and solid materials are trapped and destroyed upon contact with the colloidal silver, recognized for many years as one of the most effective natural biocides. Bacteria making contact with the silver particles are neutralized, leaving the water safe for consumption.

Filters between one to three litters per hour.

The Filtration Unit

It’s composed of three natural materials: clay, sawdust, and colloidal silver. During the firing process the sawdust turns into an activated natural carbon. Next, the external and internal surfaces are impregnated with colloidal silver in liquid form.

Terra Design – Ceramic Jar

Composed exclusively of locally mined clay. Crafted and polished by artisans, the jar cools the water in a natural manner.

Its operation is straightforward: water is filtered through the porous clay and upon contact with the filter’s exterior it evaporates, producing a cooling effect.

The key to cooling the water is the evaporation-taking place on the exterior surface.