Maintenance and cleaning of the BIOFILTRO.

The Jar: Wash the interior with filtered water every three months and clean the exterior twice a week.

The filtration unit: Clean every three months or sooner (depending on the quality of the water put into the filter). Change the filter unit every two years.

You can download the complete maintenance document by clicking: English Maintenance manual


  1. Never touch the outside of the water filter element directly with your hands
  2. Never use soap or chlorine to clean the Biofiltro Jar or the water filter element
  3. Never use any abrasive sponges because they will permanently damage the filter element making it unusable
  4. Never use sharp objectives – like a knife – to scrape off trapped dirt from the skin of the water filter element
  5. Only use new soft sponges and filtered water to directly connect with the water filter element and the water jar during the cleaning process.